I’ve made a horrible decision (and why I don’t regret it) – Pinhoti 100

I’ve made a horrible decision.

I signed up for the Pinhoti 100. There’s no turning back, I’m committed now.

For the uninitiated and/or those of you who have not gone utterly insane listening to me talk about this very subject, the Pinhoti 100 is an endurance run that travels through the Talledega National Forest. The course is actually 100.59 miles plus an additional half mile walk to the starting line, but who’s counting? I would like you all to agree now that you will personally berate and humiliate me if I do not finish for any reason other than a broken femur. Come November 7th, I will be running, hiking, shuffling, slogging and maybe even crawling my way toward the finish line of the Pinhoti 100.

 Why it’s a horrible decision:

Most of you don’t need any further explanation for why this might just be a horrible decision. But I’ve got a few things to add anyway.

First off, after running “just” 50 miles in 2008, I said that I never wanted to run that distance again. So my current self decided to make up for it by committing to run twice that distance in one run… because that makes perfect sense. In ten months, I’ll be wishing I had listened to my past self.

This thing is going to take me somewhere between 24-30 hours to complete. Chewing bubble gum would hurt after that long. Even sitting down for 24 hours sounds painful. And yet, like so many others, I’ve decided that I want to RUN for that long.

Another reason why this is a bad plan is that I want to sleep and more importantly, spend time with my family. There is not enough time in the week to sleep, spend time with my family and run so I am choosing to throw my dreams of sleep into the wind and slog miles while my family is (hopefully) snoozing soundly. My two toddlers have just started giving me hope that I may one day sleep again and now I am going to willingly giving up my precious shut-eye? That is special kind of stupid, if I do say so myself.

To add to my already long list, one logistical problem is that there is only one real bathroom on the course. The website describes the Pinhoti trail as being “unmolested single-track” – well, it sure won’t be that way after I’m through with it. Can we all agree now that this is a horrible decision or must I go on?

Go on you say? Alright fine, I have bunions. Old lady bunions. Don’t google image search this particular malady unless you just need to feel better about the ugliness of your own feet. I shudder to think about how my feet will look and feel after 100 miles of rock-kicking trail action.

I’m a wimp when it comes to the cold. The race is in November; it is going to be cold. I can’t see well at night; it is going to be dark for at least half of the race. The list of bad goes on and on.

But I don’t regret signing up for this madness, and here’s why:

I’ll get to take in 100 miles of beautiful trail, doing what I love to do, with an awesome group of similarly crazy people. I am so excited for all of it and I am going to work hard to appreciate it despite the pain.


This is the view from part of the course atop Cheaha Mountain, the highest point in Alabama!

I’ll get to push myself further than I’ve ever gone before and for whatever reason, that is a great feeling. The amount of pain and effort put into a task like this will make finishing it so worth it. As they say, “Pain is temporary but pride is forever!”. Crossing that finish line is going to be awesome!

And most importantly, I want to run the Pinhoti 100 so that I might actually be useful in some post-apocalypse team that will involve outrunning zombies and whatnot. Finally I will be running for a purpose and not just for fun!

I’m excited to work hard, finish the race and get over this sudden desire to kick a 100 miler’s butt so I can work on achieving other life goals that aren’t quite as life-consuming. Of course, that is if I don’t completely fall in love with the hundred mile distance.My husband has already referred to the Pinhoti 100 as my “first hundred miler”. I may be a little obsessed at the moment.


Does this not look amazing?!

In conclusion, I am super psyched! I’ve never been so excited to be so miserable before. If you’d like to join me in my quest to 100 I’d love to have you along! You can run with me during training, you can pace me during the race, you can pay for all of my extravagant race fees (thought I’d at least throw that in there), whatever you’d like to do. I am so thankful for the tremendous amount of support from my family and friends – I wouldn’t be making these stupid decisions without you guys. Thank you!